• Pet Grooming Tables

    Lohas is a professional China Pet Grooming Tables manufacturer and China Pet Grooming Tables supplier.We can provide all kinds of pet grooming table models online customization, high quality pet grooming table is mainly used for pet dog grooming and trimming work, such as bathing, blowing, clipping, styling and so on. Particularly suitable for dog shows and grooming competitions, as such occasions have high requirements for the appearance and styling of pets.


    • Versatility: Pet Grooming Tables are usually equipped with a variety of features such as adjustable height, foldable, with fixtures, etc. to accommodate pets of different sizes and needs.
    • Stability: To ensure the safety of your pet during the grooming process, these tables are usually designed to be more stable and less likely to wobble.
    • Ease of use: Some Pet Grooming Tables adopt manual or electric lifting system, which makes it easy for users to adjust the height and save physical strength.
    • Comfort: the table tops are mostly made of non-slip materials to ensure that pets do not slide or fall during the grooming process.


    • Folding: suitable for home or small pet store, can be folded and stored when not in use to save space.
    • Fixed type: suitable for large pet stores or professional grooming studios, usually more stable and feature-rich.
    • Electric lifting type: adjust the height by electric device, convenient and fast, suitable for long time working groomers.

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    Pet Grooming Tables
  • Pet Grooming Dryers

    Zhejiang LOHAS Pet Products Co., Ltd. is one of the top ten manufacturers and suppliers of Pet Grooming Dryers in China. Over the past decade, we have prioritized the development of sanitary ware, becoming one of the pioneers in the adoption of new materials for acrylic/ABS sanitary ware products, a successor to ceramics. Our comprehensive team excels in R&D, design, production, and sales, primarily focusing on pet SPA tanks, cat villas, dryers, blow dryers/grooming machines, grooming tables, scissors, milk baths, SPA facilities, and an array of pet SPA products. Furthermore, we manufacture and sell comprehensive toilet and shower room solutions, including bathtubs. We proudly own the Lohas brand and possess import and export rights, enabling us to export our products to Japan, Europe, America, Russia, and other developed countries. Our reputation and word-of-mouth recommendations have been unanimously recognized by partners both domestically and internationally. Facing the world, looking to the future! Companies adhere to the people-oriented, market demand and user experience-oriented, supported by technological innovation, in the operation of the pursuit of excellence, create the ultimate, with the impossible to say SAY NO! Adhere to the dissemination of word-of-mouth, believe that the product will speak, as always, dedicated to new and old customers to provide the best quality products and services. Thus, our tomorrow will be better!

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    Pet Grooming Dryers
  • Professional Pet Cages

    Lohas is a professional China Professional Pet Cages manufacturer and China Pet Grooming Tables supplier.One of the most important features of a great pet grooming salon is efficiency. Scheduling and appointments need to be on time and with great results, which is especially difficult because customers aren't always compliant. Dogs need to wait safely and patiently for the next step before, during, and after their grooming appointments, and professional pet grooming cages from Lohas are perfect for ensuring this. Our replacement parts and accessories help you set everything up perfectly and keep it well-maintained to ensure longevity and comfort.

    • Material: usually made of high quality materials, such as stainless steel, fiberglass, etc., to ensure that the cage is sturdy and durable and easy to clean.
    • Design: Reasonable design, taking into account the physical and psychological needs of pets. For example, some cages are equipped with adjustable dividers to accommodate pets of different sizes; some are also equipped with vents and observation windows to ensure the comfort and safety of pets inside the cage.
    • Functions: Various functions are available, including waterproof, non-slip, easy to assemble and disassemble. Some high-end cages also come with accessories such as feeders, waterers and toys to provide all-around care for your pet.

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    Professional Pet Cages
  • Pet Grooming Tubs and Bathing

    China LOHAS Pet Grooming Tubs and Bathing is a very important part of your pet's care routine. By choosing the right tub and following the correct bathing procedures, you can ensure that your pet is well cared for and hygienic.Pet Grooming Tubs & Bathing Using a dog crate and playpen is one of the most effective ways to house train your puppy, and it's a great tool for teaching your dog to use chew toys, how to self-settle, and where to go potty. As experts in pet enclosures, we have one of the larger and more affordable lines of dog crates and kennels in China. Whether you need a large dog crate for an injured pooch, a collapsible travel crate for dog shows and camping trips, or a small crate for puppy training, you'll find the right product for your needs at Lohas Pet Grooming Tubs & Bathing Supplies.

    For years, we've prided ourselves on the quality of our dog crates, which has received rave reviews from dog breeders, trainers, and other professionals.

    Due to the wide variety of crate sizes and styles, it can be confusing to find the right crate for your dog, so feel free to call and speak with one of our friendly staff members and let us help you decide which crate best meets your requirements.

    What is the difference between grooming and bathing a dog?

    The most obvious difference in bathing and grooming is the ability for groomers to cut fur. If your pet is suffering from matting or staining, groomers can trim or shave the affected areas to give your pet relief. Some breeds have standard cuts that help identify them.

    How often should you bathe your dog?

    How often should you bathe your dog? Breed-based guidelines...

    It also depends on the length of their coat. Medium and long-haired dogs should be bathed every four to six weeks, while owners of short-haired dogs should bathe their pets monthly to every three months. Dog owners should be reminded, however, not to wash their puppies too much.

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    Pet Grooming Tubs and Bathing
  • Pet Grooming Tools

    LOHAS is one of the top ten manufacturers and suppliers of Pet Grooming Tools in China. In the past 10 years, we focus on sanitary ware is one of the earliest reference to the new material production of acrylic/ABS sanitary ware products after ceramics, we have an excellent R & D, design, production, sales of integrated team, mainly produces and sells the pet SPA tank, cat villa, dryer, blow dryer/pulling the machine, grooming table, scissors, milk bath, SPA spa, pet SPA products and production of the overall Toilet, shower room bathtub and other products, has its own brand - Lohas, import and export rights, the production of products are exported to Japan, Europe, America, Russia and other developed countries, the word of mouth unanimously recognized by partners at home and abroad.

    There are many types of Grooming Tools, including pet grooming scissors, brushes and bathing tools, etc. Each type of product has different brands, models and features, so pet owners can choose according to their needs and budget. Meanwhile, in order to ensure the health and safety of pets, it is recommended to choose lohas high-quality and reliable Grooming Tools with practical functions.

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    Pet Grooming Tools
  • Pet Grooming Equipment Parts

    Lohas is a professional China Pet Grooming Equipment parts manufacturer and China Pet Grooming Equipment parts supplier.We can provide all kinds of Pet Grooming Equipment parts models online customization, High-quality pet grooming equipment components are rich and varied, and each component has its unique role and characteristics. Through reasonable matching and use of these equipment components, you can provide comprehensive and professional grooming services for pets.

    1.Grooming Table

    Function: Provides a stable working platform for groomers to perform grooming operations for pets.

    Features: Ergonomically designed with adjustable height and angle to accommodate pets of different sizes and body positions.

    2.Water Heater

    Function: Provide suitable hot water for pet bathing.

    Features: Usually adopts rapid heating technology to ensure constant water temperature and is equipped with temperature adjustment function to suit different pets' needs.

    3.Bathing Pool

    Function: For soaking and washing pets.

    Features: Various sizes and shapes can be selected according to the pet's size and needs. Some bathing pools are also equipped with non-slip designs and drainage systems to ensure safe use.

    4.Hair Dryer/Oven

    Function: Used to blow-dry your pet's fur.

    Features: Hair dryers usually have high air speed and low noise design to minimize disturbance to pets. Ovens, on the other hand, circulate hot air to dry the pet's hair quickly and evenly.

    5.Clipper Series

    Types: Including straight scissors, curved scissors, dental scissors, etc., used for trimming pet's hair.

    Features: Usually made of stainless steel and other high-quality materials, sharp and durable. Some scissors are also equipped with adjustment screws and shock absorbing resistors to enhance comfort and safety of use.

    6.Comb Series

    Types: Including pin combs, steel combs, etc., used for combing pet's hair.

    Features: Beautifully designed and easy to hold. Needle combs can easily remove dead hairs and knots from your pet's body, while steel combs can penetrate deep into the roots of the hair for thorough combing.

    7.Other Aids

    Includes: hemostatic powder, ear powder, ear oil, whitening powder, dry cleaning powder, etc. Used to deal with various problems that may arise during the grooming process of your pet.

    Characteristics: All these auxiliary tools are indispensable to the pet grooming process, they can help the groomer to better complete the grooming task, and at the same time, they can also improve the comfort and safety of the pet.

    8.Safety Equipment

    Includes: waterproof aprons, shower retention cords, rubber bands, etc. Used to ensure the safety of your pet during the bathing process.

    Features: These devices can effectively prevent pets from slipping or struggling during the bathing process, thus ensuring a smooth grooming process.

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    Pet Grooming Equipment Parts

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