Pet Hulk Dryer
  • Pet Hulk DryerPet Hulk Dryer
  • Pet Hulk DryerPet Hulk Dryer
  • Pet Hulk DryerPet Hulk Dryer
  • Pet Hulk DryerPet Hulk Dryer
  • Pet Hulk DryerPet Hulk Dryer

Pet Hulk Dryer

The Lohas's manufacturer Pet Hulk Dryer is a drying box designed to provide a fast, comfortable and safe drying environment for pets. The product combines advanced drying technology with a humanized design, and is designed to solve the problem of difficult drying of the pet's coat after bathing, while protecting the health of the pet's skin and coat.

Lohas customized  Pet Hulk Dryer Blower and auxiliary dryer that features a high-power motor. With 2 speeds, both of which include heat.Lightweight and portable.

Blower and Dryer for Dogs and cats.

Ideal as a very powerful auxiliary dryer for high performance canine hairdressing, kennel, private or for exhibition.

With 2 speeds.

The heat is automatically activated with the two speeds.

Extendable tube of one meter long, at rest, becoming 2.5 meters in operation.

Hulk comes with a kit of 2 nozzles for different types of drying.

Technical Sheet

Maximum Power: 2,100 W.

Fixed Heat Resistance.

Maximum air flow: 80 cfm.

Speeds: 2.

Voltage: 220 V.

Weight: 8.8 lbs.

Measures: 15.7 x 11 x 6.7 in.

Fixing: Portable.

Customized  Pet Hulk Dryer Main features

1.Excellent drying effect

Pet Hulk Dryer adopts efficient drying technology, which can quickly evaporate the moisture in the pet's hair and shorten the drying time.

The airflow circulation design in the box ensures that the hair of all parts of the pet can be dried evenly to avoid drying dead corners.

2.High safety performance

Equipped with a precise temperature control system to ensure that the temperature in the box is constant within the appropriate range to avoid damage to the pet due to excessively high or low temperatures.

The PTC heating method is safer and more reliable than traditional electric heating wire heating, and effectively prevents overheating or fire risks.

The box is equipped with a ventilation system to ensure that the pet can breathe smoothly during the drying process to avoid the risk of suffocation.

3.Easy to use

The operation is simple and easy to understand, and there is a control panel. Users can adjust the drying time, temperature and other parameters according to their needs.

The box adopts a transparent design, which is convenient for users to observe the state of the pet during the drying process, and at the same time avoid the pet from feeling fear because it cannot see the outside world.

Suitable for pets of different sizes, you can choose the appropriate drying box model according to the size of the pet.

4.Humanized design

The internal space of the drying box is spacious, and the pet can move freely during the drying process to reduce the sense of restraint.

Equipped with automatic disinfection system and lighting system to enhance the user experience and pet health protection.

Low noise, will not cause discomfort or interference to pets.

5. Applicable scenarios

Pet Hulk Dryer is suitable for pet beauty shops, pet hospitals, homes and other places. Whether it is drying the pet's hair after bathing or quickly drying the pet's body due to weather reasons, it can provide an effective solution.

6. User evaluation

According to user feedback, Pet Hulk Dryer has excellent performance in drying effect, safety performance and ease of use. Many users said that after using Pet Hulk Dryer, the pet's hair can be dried quickly and the hair quality is effectively protected. At the same time, the safety performance of this product has also been highly recognized by users, making users more assured during use.

In short, as a drying box designed for pets, Pet Hulk Dryer has excellent drying effect, high safety performance and convenient use experience. Whether it is a professional pet beauty shop or a home user, you can get satisfactory results from it.

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