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Lohas is a professional China Pet Grooming Equipment parts manufacturer and China Pet Grooming Equipment parts supplier.We can provide all kinds of Pet Grooming Equipment parts models online customization, High-quality pet grooming equipment components are rich and varied, and each component has its unique role and characteristics. Through reasonable matching and use of these equipment components, you can provide comprehensive and professional grooming services for pets.

1.Grooming Table

Function: Provides a stable working platform for groomers to perform grooming operations for pets.

Features: Ergonomically designed with adjustable height and angle to accommodate pets of different sizes and body positions.

2.Water Heater

Function: Provide suitable hot water for pet bathing.

Features: Usually adopts rapid heating technology to ensure constant water temperature and is equipped with temperature adjustment function to suit different pets' needs.

3.Bathing Pool

Function: For soaking and washing pets.

Features: Various sizes and shapes can be selected according to the pet's size and needs. Some bathing pools are also equipped with non-slip designs and drainage systems to ensure safe use.

4.Hair Dryer/Oven

Function: Used to blow-dry your pet's fur.

Features: Hair dryers usually have high air speed and low noise design to minimize disturbance to pets. Ovens, on the other hand, circulate hot air to dry the pet's hair quickly and evenly.

5.Clipper Series

Types: Including straight scissors, curved scissors, dental scissors, etc., used for trimming pet's hair.

Features: Usually made of stainless steel and other high-quality materials, sharp and durable. Some scissors are also equipped with adjustment screws and shock absorbing resistors to enhance comfort and safety of use.

6.Comb Series

Types: Including pin combs, steel combs, etc., used for combing pet's hair.

Features: Beautifully designed and easy to hold. Needle combs can easily remove dead hairs and knots from your pet's body, while steel combs can penetrate deep into the roots of the hair for thorough combing.

7.Other Aids

Includes: hemostatic powder, ear powder, ear oil, whitening powder, dry cleaning powder, etc. Used to deal with various problems that may arise during the grooming process of your pet.

Characteristics: All these auxiliary tools are indispensable to the pet grooming process, they can help the groomer to better complete the grooming task, and at the same time, they can also improve the comfort and safety of the pet.

8.Safety Equipment

Includes: waterproof aprons, shower retention cords, rubber bands, etc. Used to ensure the safety of your pet during the bathing process.

Features: These devices can effectively prevent pets from slipping or struggling during the bathing process, thus ensuring a smooth grooming process.

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Small Electric Pet Grooming Shear
Small Electric Pet Grooming Shear
China Lohas Small Electric Pet Grooming Shear is suitable for pet grooming and care, especially for pets such as dogs and cats. This product is electric, providing a convenient and efficient pet hair trimming experience. We can provide customized services according to customer requirements.
Combination Unit Pet Cage Assembly
Combination Unit Pet Cage Assembly
China Lohas customized Combination Unit Pet Cage Assembly - Small Base Frame,Combination Unit Cage Assemblies may be used to protect internal equipment or components from external impact, dust or other contaminants. The Small Base Frame, in addition to providing support, may contain ports or holes for securing or mounting the entire assembly.
Wall Mounted Scissor Holder
Wall Mounted Scissor Holder
The China Lohas customized Wall Mounted Scissor Holder: An Essential Addition to Your Workspace or Home. In today's busy world, organization and efficiency are paramount. Whether you're a craft enthusiast, a professional in a trade that requires scissors, or simply someone who appreciates having their tools neatly arranged, a wall-mounted scissor holder can be an invaluable addition to your workspace or home.
Metaplex-Set Metal Inserts
Metaplex-Set Metal Inserts
This China Lohas customized Metaplex-Set Metal Inserts for dog groomers is the ideal complement for the professional clipper. This set provides greater control for the professional, allowing them to achieve the desired style for the pet.
Flex Arm with Clamp
Flex Arm with Clamp
Lohas is a supplier and wholesaler of Flex Arm with Clamp with competitive quality and price in China. With the advanced production equipment in China, Lohas has steady production capacity of Flex Arm with Clamp per day.
As a professional Pet Grooming Equipment Parts manufacturer and supplier in China, we have our own factory. If you are interested in purchasing high-quality and customized Pet Grooming Equipment Parts from Lohas brand, please leave us a message using the contact information provided on the webpage.
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