Grooming Instructor Luminous Table
  • Grooming Instructor Luminous TableGrooming Instructor Luminous Table
  • Grooming Instructor Luminous TableGrooming Instructor Luminous Table
  • Grooming Instructor Luminous TableGrooming Instructor Luminous Table
  • Grooming Instructor Luminous TableGrooming Instructor Luminous Table

Grooming Instructor Luminous Table

China Lohas customized Grooming Instructor Luminous Table provides a workspace that is not only functional but also ergonomically designed for comfort and productivity. The electric lifting column, swivel arm boom, and lighting all contribute to a customizable workspace that can be tailored to the individual user's needs.

The all-around trump card of the Grooming Instructor Luminous Table:

Standard configuration: double swivel arm boom, oval light-emitting countertop, Nordic original imported electric lifting column, multifunctional power supply interface, USB power supply, tool storage slides, transparent drawers.

The LED flexible luminous desktop not only illuminates the model dog shape on the podium, but also lights up the entire teaching process;

The vertical lifting structure can provide comfortable leg space whether it is standing or sitting to explain, relieving the fatigue caused by long-term lectures;

The Grooming Instructor Luminous Table can be rotated, the large-size tabletop, and the stable load-bearing performance make it easier to get twice the result with half the effort with the help of the rotating tabletop;

The first domestically produced rotating arm structure eliminates the complicated steps of disassembling and assembling the clamp when moving the boom, and can be completed by pushing and pulling;

The full-load power supply center provides power support for grooming tools such as hair dryers, water blowers, and electric clippers; the simplified structure avoids spider-web-like wiring boards and sockets;

In addition, there are more rich functions such as tool storage and USB power supply stations, which are beyond your imagination.

Non-slip oval tabletop Flexible foot pedal lift control switch Vertical lift, no lateral displacement

Minimalist design, extra thigh activity space 360-degree rotating tabletop Rotating arm boom design LED soft light tabletop Original imported from Northern Europe Electric lift push rod Transparent visual tool storage drawer One-touch lighting switch National standard universal safety socket panel Anti-overload USB charging port

A symbol of master status, a must-have for pet stores, the combination of super comfortable leg space and rotating tabletop is more suitable for teaching use

Standard configuration: double rotating arm boom, oval luminous tabletop, original imported from Northern Europe electric lifting column, multi-function power interface, USB power supply, tool storage slide rail, transparent drawer

Lifting height: 60-102cm

Packing method: wooden box packaging

Shipping weight: 117.0kg

Transport volume: 0.60m3

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